Wedding Chocolates & Gift Boxes

THINK CHOCO Personalized Wedding Chocolates

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Wedding Chocolate Boxes

THINK CHOCO personalizes wedding boxes with your choice of design, color, material and shape.  THINK CHOCO help you choose wide range of flavors from its range of luxury Swiss Chocolates & Truffles i.e. Premium thinsCaramel trufflesSoft center trufflesDecorated truffles & Pralines.

Personalized wrappers for wedding

THINK CHOCO helps you give pure personal touch to your wedding chocolates by personalizing wrapper’s of its premium thins.  THINK CHOCO places your logo, complimentary message, bride & groom’s names or anything you wish on the wrapper to make your wedding chocolates memorable.

Personalized After Eats (Eight)

THINK CHOCO’s premium thins has got unique flavors which can be used as after eats.  Your guests will feel the aroma of Indian spices collection as soon as they will bit it.  Mint flavor of our premium thins range can be the best compliment to end the dinner.

Any wedding is a grand celebration, and any celebration involves lots of sweets, flowers and gifts. People generally gift sweets or dry fruits along with the wedding invitation. The trend is changing and now people prefer to give away the chocolates as wedding gift which have a dry fruit filling inside. This change is for the positive and is a feasible option for all kinds of people. No matter what the budget is, we have something for everyone! Our ability to customize according to the needs makes us the first choice of people who know our perfection of quality.

We create supreme wedding chocolate gift boxes which have fine luxury Swiss chocolates in them. We also offer premium thins, which we personalize wrappers of, according to your needs. The usage depends on the creativity! One can get the name of the bride and the groom printed on those boxes or the wrappers. They can be gifted along with the invitation card or an after-wedding gift.

These exclusively personalized luxury premium thins can also be used as after eats in the wedding dinner which will be noticed and admired by all the guests. We make sure that the wedding boxes look elite and traditional at the same time. Buy them if you want luxury and style in the wedding.

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